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Free Admission and Discount on Hotels for Tourists Visiting Tibet


On 31st January 2018, Tibet Autonomous Region announced that from 1st February to 30th April 2018 that all A class tourist attractions, hotels, car hire and flights will all be offering discounted prices. This announcement is as a part of the “Tour Tibet in Winter and Experience the Third Pole “campaign. 


1.Free Admission to Tourist Attractions 

All A class tourist attractions will be open to tourists free of charge. 

2. Hotel Discount 

All hotels which are 3 Stars or above will give 50% discount on bookings based on the discounted price of the same period of the previous year. 

3. Vehicle Hire Discount 

The price of tourist vehicles is not higher than 50% of the peak tourist season. 

4. Airline Discount 

Tourists will be offered chartered flight discounts based on economy class flight prices. On 1st February 2018,Tibet Airlines will start to offer discounted flight tickets. As for other airlines that offer flights to Tibet the flight tickets prices will be announced online. 

5.Chartered Flight Incentive 

For chartered flight incentives this is aimed at companies that organize tours to Tibet. The incentive standards are as follows: 

Chartered flight of over 100 people – 100,000 Yuan reward

Chartered flight of over 200 people – 150,000 Yuan reward

Chartered flight of over 300 people – 200,000 Yuan reward

Chartered flight of over 400 people – 250,000 Yuan reward 

6. Contract Price Incentive 

For travel agencies that have contract price tours that reach over 500 people there will be a reward of 100,000 Yuan and an increase for every 100 people there is an additional 50,000 Yuan reward. 

7. Flight Allowance 

Flights from Lhasa to Ngari Prefecture will introduce one new scheduled flight only if it is guaranteed that flights from Lhasa to Nyingchi, Qamdo and Ngari Prefecture will not decrease. If so there will be a 30% flight ticket discount of which will be subsidized by the people's Government of the autonomous region.

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