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Scenic Spots of Hailuogou

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Hai Luogou, in the Southwest China, is the lowest glacier zone in the world, and is the famous natural park in China. If you don't have much time, don't have much experience, but wanted to see snow mountains and glaciers, Hai Luogou is the best choice!

The Ice waterfall

There are a lot of ice waterfalls, largest glaciers have three. The largest known as the No. 1 glacier, about 14 kilometers long, it is the big ice waterfall that we ice usually said. Go along the glacier 3 kilometers and around the black pine forest, you can see the big ice waterfall. The Ice waterfall is 1,100 meters wide, the gap is 1,080 meters.
The Ice waterfall is composed of large ice-cube is like a Milky Way drop from the blue sky. Unless you see, I have no words can describe its great beauty. The altitude of a Glacier highest point is 6,750 meters, the bottom altitude is only 2,850 meters. The Ice waterfall is not only low latitudes and low sea dials glacier, and it's also the largest drop glacier

The Primeval Forest

Hai Luogou forest area of 70 square kilometers, along the forward slowly around the mountain path, you can enjoy plant landscape that endless changes appear before your eyes. If you are lucky, you can faintly see the shadow of macaque monkeys, pandas and wildebeest.

Snow Mountain Hot Springs

Hot spring is one of the features of Hai Luogou. Especially in the winter, soak in hot spring, the sky is surrounded by a piece of white smog, in the distance there is Snow Mountain, and all scenery constitutes a wonderful picture. There are a lot of tourists come every year.


March 7 kilometers from Hai Luogou No.1 camp, reach the hot water ditch of No.2 camp spa center. There is a spring in No.2 camp, look from a distance, the spring is shrouded in smog, looks very spectacular, and it is the most famous hot water spring in Hai Luogou.Hot water pot spring all the year round, day and night traffic up to 8,900 tons. The outlet of the water at the highest temperature can reach 90.C. After testing this spring is a sodium bicarbonate type neutral high quality medicinal hot mineral springs, the water is colourless, transparent and odourless, it has strange effects on Naturopathic pain, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc... In winter, the most comfortable choice is to the most romantic Hai Luogou hot springs.

Sunshine Golden Hill

If you are lucky, it's sunny day, snow-white peaks in the sunshine, emitting a golden light, as if the peaks is plated a layer of golden line, a magnificent glory sence, this is the famous "sunshine golden hill", when you body on the scene, almost no words to describe the charm of the scene.

Tibetan Customs

Here you can enjoy the beautiful Tibetan songs and dances, experience the kangba splendid culture and the red army culture, taste the sweet of barley wine, buttered tea and fresh hand grasp snow mountains yak meat, you can also interact with the actors and dance with them.

Hai Luogou is a place worth to go, when you go there, you will love its beauty!

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