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Mount Emei the Holy Center For Pilgrimage

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Every year there are more than millions of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Sichuan, but they come here not for the reasons you might think. Though no panda-watching involved during the sightseeing of Emei Mountain, many tourists are deeply intoxicated by its grand and natural scenery. 

In China there are numerous famous mountains, and Emei Mountain is one of them. Emei Mountain, located in the south-western part of Sichuan Basin, is well-known as a holy center for pilgrimage. It is about 7 Kilometers from Emeishan City and the transportation is very convenient for tourists. Actually, “Emei” is used to describe the beautiful eyebrows of a woman in Chinese, from which we can feel the magnificence of Emei Mountain.

Hiking at Emei Mountain
With a height of more than 3000 meters, Emei Mountain is also renowned as one of the highest mountains in China. Among all the peaks, Wanfo Peak is the highest and grandest one, green and elegant. For most hikers, climbing up to the top of Emei Mountain is not an easy task, because it is both time-consuming and tired. Usually, it may take a hiker 2-4 days to climb up and down. On the way to the peak, hiker can appreciate every temple or just have a rest in it. Feeling exhausted, right? If you are tired or too lazy to walk, cables and buses are waiting ahead of you. So do not worry! Cables and buses will take you to part of the temples on Emei Mountain. And of course with a cable you will not be late for the sunrise on Emei Mountain. 


Charming Sunrise at Emei Mountain
There are so many perfect things to do on Emei Moungtain if you get up early enough and first of all we are going to gaze at the charming sunrise on Emei Mountain. Standing on a flat place, you may find the faraway sky filled with dark purple at the very beginning. Soon rosy clouds appear and the sky becomes brighter. Step by step, the shining purple arc show up and turns into a semicircle, then the whole shining sun. When the sun rises up, the whole mountain is bathing in the warm and shining sunshine, make people feel like entering the fairyland. What a magnificent scene! 


Praying at the Temples at Emei Mountain
Emei is a Buddhist mountain with a history of over 1800 years, which is bustled with prayers and travelers every day, especially on special pilgrimage days. As is estimated, there are more than 150 temples built on the mountain, some are big and grand, others are small and holy. Among these temples, Baoguo Temple has always been regarded as the most spectacular one, following with Wannian Temple and Elephant Bathing Pool. The holy temples will welcome you warmly no matter you are a pilgrim or simply a traveler. 


Travel Tips

  1. Good shoes and clothes should be well prepared before go hiking on Emei Mountain.

  2. Emei Mountain is suitable for visiting all around the year. The admission fee may cost you about 150 Yuan.

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