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Cuogao Lake with the Gorgeous Frames

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As one holy lake for Red Denomination of Tibetan Buddhism, the Cuogao Lake is also one of the largest freshwater dammed lakes in the eastern of Tibet. The Cuogao Lake is shut in by high hills on every side. The lake is blessed with plentiful rainfall and a mild climate. The smooth surface of the lake is here with an average elevation of more than 3538 meters, about 15 kilometers long, average width of 2.5 kilometers and the inmost depths of 166 meters. The water of the lake is quite green and clear and does not catch in winter.

Cuogao in Tibetan signifies green water. It is framed like a crescent emerald in its setting of the high gorges and deep canyons. The lake ran as clear as crystal and if you watched closely you could catch a glimpse of the surrounding snow mountains and primeval forest on the shore line that were reflected in the transparent water. It has become a natural habitat for rare water birds like white storks, egrets and sand birds. A myriad of fishes are playfully darting about are clearly visible. You may well say so, let the waters of the lake teem with countless living creatures, and let birds fly above the sky across the vault of heaven.

There's the Cuozonggongba Temple on the mid-lake Zhaxi Island that is built up in the late Tang Dynasty. As the story goes, rocks on the island are generally carved into various shapes of animals and figures of Buddha with exquisite skill and unique charm. The Cuozonggongba Temple in two layers was constructed with mud and wood and is blessed with the famous figures of Maitreya Buddha, one-thousand-hand Kwan-yin and many more.

Moreover, there're a peach tree and a pine whose branches join together available in the southern temple. In the spring, the verdant pine stands out against the peach blossom, creating a mystifying effect on the eye. It is stated that the monks in the temple and disciples all come to worship here in a canoe. As every spring season approach, around the lake is lush plants and myriads of flowers, an array of snow peaks are reflected in the lake. The attractive scenic spots always make the tourists from near and far linger on and forget to return.

It would be a shame for the people who have ever gone to Tibet but not to Nyingchi as the south of the Yangtse River in Tibet. It would also be big regret to the people who have ever gone to Nyingchi but not to make a personal appearance at the Cuogao Lake.

Surrounding the lake is an unending stretch of high peaks. On windless days, the surface of the water is as smooth as a mirror. There were white and fluffy clouds in the vast clear skies. The calm and clear waters mirror the green mountains and white clouds. The best travelling season is the golden autumn, woods and forests that glow with colorful autumn tints and quiet surroundings is all over the mountains and plains.

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