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Adventure on the Guoliang Village Located in the Taihang Mountain Cliff

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Deep in the Taihang Mountain, about 60 kilometers northwest of Huixi County of Henan Province, there locates a small village called Guoliang Village. Guoliang Village is renowned by its unique and adventurous location, its beautiful natural scenery and unique culture.

The Village is constructed on the cliff which is as high as 1700 meters high with breathtaking scenery. Though Guoliang Village was existed in the late West Han Dynasty, Guoliang Village was almost isolated from the outside world as there was almost no transportation from the Guoliang Village to the outside world of Taihang Mountains. The only way to the village on the foot of the Taihang Mountain is the heaven ladder which is actually a mountain road that was chiseled on the mountain. It is quite tough road and dangerous.

Until the year of 1972, residents in the Guoliang Village plunked their courage and managed to construct a road which makes the Guoliang Village accessible to the outside world. And the road they constructed is the famous Guoliang Tunnel.

The uniqueness of Guoliang Village lies in its high geographical location. It is located in the platform on the Taihang cliff, which is as high as more than 1700 meters. The Guoliang Tunnel, which is actually a caverned road, is about 1.3 kilometers long, five meters high and 4 meters wide.

Walking on the Guoliang Tunnel really need courage. This cliff corridor is a difficult path carved into the mountainside. It winds up according to the shape of the cliff. The tunnel is dark here but bright there, high here and low there. Some parts are quite flat, but some are quite uneven. All these are due to the geographical features of the cliff. But the tunnel is quite difficult to walk through, not to mention the ultra difficulty for the construction.


Because of its unique geographical location, Guoliang Tunnel is considered as a miracle by the outside world. Right along the road is the deep canyon, which may be hundreds of meters high, or a thousand meters high. So walking through this tunnel or driving on the tunnel is considered an adventure for most tourists.

The Guoliang Village has special and unique beautiful scenery and now has been a tourist destination for many people to admire its uniqueness. With the towering surrounding mountains, luxuriant forest and waterfalls are commonly seen in this area. Something special about the Guoliang Village itself is that most items in the village are made from stones. Walls and gates, daily utensils and tools are all made from stones from the mountains.


Around the Guoliang Village, there are many strange and peculiar stones of different shapes and postures that are loved by tourists. Not far away from the Guoliang Village, there are many caves that have special scenery to enjoy.

Now, the Guoliang Village is not only a tourist destination, it is also a famous film base where decades of TV series and films are shot there.

Travel tips for Guiliang Village
Location: Guoliang Village, Shayao Township, Hui County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province
Entrance fee: CNY60
Recommended time for a visit: 1-2 days
Featured food: local farm dishes
Transportation: Every day at 8:00AM and 1:00PM, there are buses from Hui County to Guoliang Village. It costs CNY10 and takes 3.5 hours.
Accommodation: stay at local houses at Guoliang Village
Related tourism city: Zhengzhou

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