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Jiuzhaigou Night Life

As the region full of Tibetan culture, visitors in Jiuzhaigou can have some unique performances here by the Tibetan and Qiang people or have a stroll in the pedestrian street. There are wonderful performances every night in Jiuzhaigou. Actors and actresses, wearing colorful Tibetan and Qiang national costumes, perform joyful songs and powerful dances to express their beauty and bravery.

Some national musical instruments are played during religious activities and Tibetan weddings. Audiences are invited to participate in the Tibetan Guozhuang dance, usually held during some important festival or event. People sing and dance in a circle, changing their movement according to the musical rhythm.

Jiuzhaigou is now belonging to its guests (tourists) no matter on daytime or at night. There are many activities at night in Jiuzhaigou. Nightlife of Jiuzhaigou is no longer lonely at all. You can watch unique performance in Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center, as well as take part in Guozhuang Dance and until enjoy youself to the full. You can also enjoy your time in bars, eateries, cafes and shops of Bianbianjie. 

Where to have fun for the nightlife in Jiuzhaigou

1 Jiuzhai Paradise Theater
Every night, the Local Tibetan and Qiang people with gorgeous dresses, joyful songs and powerful exotic dances in this theater bring happiness to audiences.
Add: in the star-rated Jarpo Town Hotel

2 Jiu Zhai Paradise
The most luxurious hotel built in Jiuzhaigou with Tibetan style Paradise Ma Bang Pub where you can have a more relaxed time, and the Tian Yu Hot Spring Resort is also a great place to refresh your fatigue.

3 Bianbian Street
The street is full of many Tibetan pubs and exotic shops selling handicrafts and local specialties.
Add: near the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Valley