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About Mount Huangshan

Located in the southern part of Anhui Province, Huangshan Mountain is also known as Yellow Mountain. In 1990, Mt. Huangshan was declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO Heritage Committee. It is undoubtedly the most celebrated mountain for all its grandeur and beauty in China. Much of Huangshan's reputation derives from its significance in Chinese art and literature. In addition to inspiring poets such as Li Bai, Huangshan and the scenery therein has been the frequent subject of poetry and artwork, especially Chinese ink painting and, more recently, photography. More details

Four Seasons of Mount Huangshan

It is said that all four seasons are suitable for taking a trip to Huangshan Mountain. Through the different seasons Huangshan still maintains its beautiful scenery and the change in weather over the course of the seasons is what makes each Huangshan tour unique and charming.

Huangshan Spring


Spring is the absolute best time to visit Huangshan with the flowers blossoming and the entire mountain is returning to its effervescent green scenery. The temperatures are much more pleasant but still a bit cold, however during spring hiking and photography should not be majorly affected. The average temperature during spring is about 10 degrees.
Huangshan Summer


Summer is the best time to see the sea of clouds, one of the major highlights of Huangshan. It is best to avoid rain season which is between May & August. We do advise that you bring sun block to prevent possible sunburn. If you do end up visiting Huangshan during the rainy season you are advised to bring a raincoat as umbrellas are not practical and can even cause danger during high winds.
Huangshan Autumn


Autumn is when Huangshan is the most picturesque, the deciduous trees begin to change color due to fall, the ravines & valleys remain absolutely stunning especially for photography. From September to November is the most comfortable season to visit with mild temperatures but not cold. It is best to avoid touring the mountain in October as it is a national holiday in China & the mountain will be swarmed with local tourists.
Huangshan Winter


Winter is also an awesome time to visit, though you will have to wrap up warm as temperatures will plummet below zero. Strolling through the snow sparkling landscapes is always perfect for appreciating the magnificent snow covered mountains. The plus side of visiting in winter is that there are fewer tourists around this season so you will not have to deal with overcrowding.

Highlights of Mount Huangshan

One of the must visit attractions of any Huangshan tour are the Ancient Villages which are both UNESCO enlisted cultural heritage sites. The villages are Hongcun Village and Xidi Village.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise & Sunset

Huangshan is all about the amazing sunrise and sunset scenery where you will be captivated by the magical scenery. The best place to catch the mesmerizing sight of the beautiful sunrise or sunset is at Lion Peak. During the sunrise and sunset you will be able to capture the moment of the sea of clouds.
Huangshan Photography Tour

Huangshan Photography Tour

Huangshan is a photographer’s paradise with photography for all seasons. Whether you want to capture Huangshan in blossom or snap the best snow covered memories you will not be disappointed with a photography trip to the mountains. You can also tailor make a photography tour that is unqiue and designed especially for you.

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