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Junshan Island, also called the “Love Island”, is a small island located in the middle of Dongting Lake in Hunan Province. It is the most famous islands among all those islands in Dongting Lake. Now it is a national scenic spot and a 5A scenic area. 

Junshan Quick Facts

English Name: Junshan

Railway Stations: Yueyang Railway Station

Zip Code: 414000

Location: yueyang

Chinese Name: 君山岛 (jun1shāndǎo)

Suburban Districts: yueyang


Area Code: 0730


Best Time to Visit: May to October

Top Attractions in Junshan

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Juhan Yinzhen, is a kind of yellow tea produced at Juhan Island. It is coidered as one of the ten Chinese Famous Teas and has gained great popularity in tea drinke. Juhan Yinzhen is fine in the shape of sharp needles. This is why it is called Yinzhen which mea silver needles in Chinese. This kind of tea has the exquisite yellow color with fresh fragrance. The color of the te...> See More

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