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The Guilin City that is situated at the west bank of Li River in northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a hot tourist destination both in China and in the world. With its fantastic landscapes of mountains, waters, caves, and stones, Guilin enjoys the praise of “the best landscapes under heaven”. For tourists wanting spectacular natural scenery, fresh and relaxed landscapes, Guilin is a great place to explore. 

Guilin Quick Facts

English Name: Guilin

Railway Stations: Guilin Railway Train Station, Guilin North Station

Zip Code: 541000

Location: Northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Chinese Name: 桂林 (guì lín)

Suburban Districts: Northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Airports: Guilin liangjiang International Airport

Area Code: 0773

Population: 5 million (2008)

Best Time to Visit: June to October

Top Attractions in Guilin

Guilin Maps Free Download

Find maps of Guilin, including Guilin's regional location to other parts of China as well as . Our Guilin travel guide ( includes weather, living, food, weather, transportation, etc.) has heaps of useful information and tips! > See More

Shopping in Guilin

Besides the enchanting landscapes and fantastic food, shopping at Guilin is also very interesting to do. From the exquisitely made landscape paintings and Guilin Painted Fa that help to record the beautiful scenery of Guilin, to local featured specialties like Guilin's three treasures of Guilin sanhua alcohol, the fermented bean curd, and the chili sauce, Guilin provides man...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Guilin

If those incredible natural scenery are for the feast of eyes, the fantastic Guilin food is for the satisfaction of taste and stomach. With the large varieties of dishes and snacks, and numerous restaurants, tourists will find an eater's paradise in Guilin. As a combination of Cantonese and Hunan Cuisine, Guilin food is mostly spicy and hot. Featured Guilin food like Gu...> See More

Entertainment in Guilin

Just like the fascinating natural scenery, the nightlife of Guilin is also very amazing and vibrant. Tourists have many choices for nightlife activities to relax and get to know more about the life and culture of Guilin. Also there are ba and clubs, and busy night markets in Guilin to spend some leisure time. To get closer to the colorful local culture and customs, the...> See More