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Sichuan Culture and Local Leisure Lifestyle


Besides the spectacular natural scenery and inspiring historical and cultural sites to see, experiencing the fantastic Sichuan culture is also a top activity for tourists traveling to Sichuan.

With long history and strong cultural background, Sichuan boasts profound culture with various distinctive features. Characterized by incredible Sichuan Opera, fabulous Sichuan Cuisine, tea culture, and the local leisure life, Sichuan culture provides great fun and interesting activities to enjoy.

Watching Sichuan Opera is something must-do when traveling to Sichuan or on a Chengdu tour. As one of the most popular opera in China, Sichuan Opera is a gorgeous display of Sichuan culture and fine arts. It is featured with vivid, humorous narration, singing, puppetry and acrobatics. Most of the acts take the derivation from legend, folktales, and Chinese classic novels, which make Sichuan Opera a great way to learn the local history and culture. Changing faces, Rolling Light, and Spitting Fire are the most famous acts in Sichuan Opera. Shu Feng Ya Yun, Sichuan Opera Theatre, and Jinglin Stage are great places to watch Sichuan Opera in Chengdu.

One of the most outstanding feature of Sichuan culture is the local leisure lifestyle. Teahouses are scattered all over Chengdu and a teahouse has become an essential part of daily life for local people. They are more than just places to drink tea, but also major centers for entertainment and meeting people. There are a lot to do in a teahouse, including drinking tea, watching Sichuan Opera, listening to live music or storytelling, enjoying local food and snacks, and playing Mahjong.

There are modern teahouses and traditional teahouse in Chengdu. Also you will find local people drinking tea in parks, river side, or even just under the shadow of a big tree. Spending a leisure day in an old teahouse in Chengdu is a best way to understand the local people and experience t