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Tusi Palace (Zhangjiajie)

Tusi Palace
Tusi Palace is located in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. The original name of the city is Yongding Tusi City. It's a place for the ancient chieftain to work, residence, and live. The Tusi Palace is up to 48 meters, has a total of 12 floors, the whole building didn't use a single nail, so it has been called the miracle in Tu People's Diaojiao Building architectural history. 

There are carved beams, cornices, boarded roof, you can have a overall downlook of the Yongding Town, so it known as the First building of West Hunan. After 900 years, spanning ten dynasties, the Tusi Palace are well preserved. In September 2002, This building  was named the highest stilts, won the Guinness world as China's largest, highest and most perfect wooden structure on stilts.


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