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Cormorant Fishing Show (Guilin)

Cormorant Fishing Show

In Guilin, you can see a special show what is a dreamland that is harmonious and coexists with man and nature. Cormorant fishing show will make your Guilin tour impressive for a long time.   You will take a night cruise through Banyan Lake and Fir Lake.  On the lake, you can cormorant catching fish.

Cormorant fishing is unique in China. This way of fishing has been existing for hundreds of years. The birds do fishing much better at night than at daytime. People sometimes see lights on bamboo rafts in the river. That will be the fishers who use cormorants to fish to make extra income. It is a rare opportunity to get a close look at the fishing and people always wonder how these birds can fish for people. Those who are interested will get the answer and experience after they make reservation.

People get aboard on a local boat. It drifts while the bamboo rafts following, so that tourists can watch the performance clearly. Upon the order form the fish man, the well-trained cormorants will dive into water to find fish and catch them. They are so good at diving that they can go under water for quite a long time. When they succeed in getting any fish, they will proudly swim back to the raft and show off to the fish man. The fish man usually award one or two very small fish to encourage them. Of course, the birds also swallow the small fish they catch. Sometimes they do get big carps that weigh 3-4 pounds. With the straw or rope tied around their necks, they would not swallow the big fish they catch. 


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