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Zhangzhou Night Life

To explore Zhangzhou at night, either for a night in ease over soothing tea drinking or hot spring relief, or a passion-filled night in pubs, bars and sports club, visitors can find their places for night life in Zhangzhou. 

Hot Springs
As an antidote from exhausting travelling days, one can enjoy soothing hot spring in Zhangzhou. The most popular sites for hot spring include Jintanwan Hot Springs, Longjia Ecological Spring Villas, and Lian's Ancient Village.

Tea House

Besides traditional hot tea served with tea art in refined tea set, some teahouses in Zhangzhou also offers other tasty drinking with tea as an important material, such as milk tea. The relaxed vibe in the teahouse for socialization and casual chat. 

Bars and Pubs
Bars dazzling with lazer lights and live band, or its soft variant with cozy, one can find a satisfactory place for drinking at night in Zhangzhou.

Sports Club
Sports-aholic visitors will not skip their calorie buring session while visiting Zhangzhou. Sports clubs oriented to shooting and boxing can be found in the city center.