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Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival

Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival
Date: September 20 to 25
Place: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Suzhou is a historical and cultural city and an important tourist cities in China.The ancient city, classical gardens, water town, Taihu Lake scenery attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad every year.

Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival held every two years from September 25 to October 20. Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival and Tourism Month activities is organized by National Textile Association and Suzhou Municipal People's Government

Suzhou is known as the capital of silk and has a long history of silk production. Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival connect the tourism, commerce with silk through a series of festive events.The highlight of the festival is the series of tourism activities. There are many exciting activities tourists can participate in such as Tiger Temple, Pan Gate Mooncake party, Yangcheng Lake crab festival, shajiabang reeds cultural festival, various gardens of Suzhou Attractions chrysanthemum Show, Tin Ping Shan Maple Festival.