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Sixth Day of the Sixth Month

Sixth Day of the Sixth Month

Date: 6th Day of the 6th Month (Lunar calendar)
Location: Guiyang

The Sixth Day of the Sixth Month festival is celebrated by the Buyi minority of Guiyang. On this day the whole of Guiyang will dance and sing or profess their feelings to their love interests. The legend behind the festival is certainly an interesting one, it is said that long long ago a beautiful Buyi minority girl created an beautiful embroidery of the amazing landscape.

The legend goes on to day that the embroidery was so beautiful that the devil wanted the embroidery for himself and attacked the village for seven days and seven nights. On the sixth day of the sixth month knowing that the village was about to be defeated the Buyi girl throws the embroidery into the air and it is transformed into a real landscape and the devil turns into rocks and sinks into the bottom of the stream. Since then each year on this very day the Buyi minority sing and dance near the stream in memory of this beautiful yet courageous girl.