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Sisters’ Meal Festival

Sisters’ Meal Festival
Sisters’ Meal Festival
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Sisters’ Meal Festival is one of the most important festivals of the Miao ethnic minority that is held in the Shidong area of Guizhou. The festival takes place on the 15th day of the third lunar month and on this day the Miao traditional culture and activities can be seen. The main highlights of the festival is eating sisters rice which is a 5 colored rice, traditional Miao singing and dancing, bull fighting and dragon races.

Traditions of the Festival

The Sisters’ Meal Festival is also otherwise known as “Oriental Valentine’s Day”, on this day mother’s take pride in dressing their daughters in the most exquisitely embroidered Miao costumes and intricate silver head dressings and ornaments, in the Miao culture the more silver ornaments that are worn, the more beautiful the girl is.

On this day the young men of the village will come head to the village to ask for Sisters rice, in actual fact the aim is to allow the young men and young women to interact. Whether the young woman accepts the young man all depends on what she puts in the Sisters Rice basket when offering it to the young man. If she puts a bamboo hook this means they can get to know each other more, buds of the Chinese Toon symbolizes marriage is on the cards and if she wishes to declines she will put a garlic stalk. 

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