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Mt. Wutai International Tourist Month

Mt. Wutai International Tourist Month
Date: July 25-August 25
Place: Taihua Town, Wutai County, Shanxi Province
Wutai Mountain is a world famous Buddhist shrine and only mountain in the world which Chinese Buddhism coexist with Tibetan Buddhism.There are 47 temples from the Northern Wei dynasty preserved well. Nachan temple and Foguang temple are two oldest wooden structure building from the Tang Dynasty which are the unique witness to the Tang civilization.

During the Mt. Wutai International Tourist Month,vistors can learn about the Wutai Buddhist culture, ancient art and enjoy the natural beauty.Vistors can visit the Buddhist art gallery and attend the China Hotel Culture Seminar.The Wutai forums invite many well-known experts, scholars and Buddhist expert to explore the Buddhist culture.

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Wutai Mountain is cool and full of fresh air in summber.It’s an ideal place for summer vacation.