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Luoyang Peony Fair

Luoyang Peony Fair
Date: April 15 to 25
Places: Luoyang City, Henan Province
China is the hometown of peony, Luoyang is one of the birthplaces of Chinese peony.Luoyang peony is famous for its colorful and dignified beauty.

Since the Sui and Tang dynasties, Luoyang Peony has been introducted and cultivated in Tianpeng Sichuan, Yancheng Jiangsu, Hangzhou Zhejiang,Haozhou Anhui, Caozhou Shandong, Shaoguan Guangdong and other places,now it has been all over the country.

Luoyang peony flowers is one of the famous China flowers.Vistors can go to Luoyang in April each year when peonies bloom.The best place to see the flowers are Wangchenggongyuan, Peony Park, Xiyuan Park, Shenzhou Peony Garden and so on.

During the festival,there are many activites such as lantern show, flower watching, exhibitions of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting and business talks.