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Litang Horse Racing Festival

Litang Horse Racing Festival

The Litang Horse Racing Festival is a traditional Tibetan festival in Kham Tibetan area. The festival is held in the vast grassland of Litang County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Litang Horse Racing Festival is celebrated on August 1st each year and the festival lasts for 7 days. At this time, the grasslands has the most beautiful scenery when grass is lush and flowers are in full bloom.

The Litang Horse Racing Festival is a grand occasion for Tibetans in the Kham area and it also attracts numerous tourists around the world for its exciting horse racing competition, colorful activities, and the interesting trade fairs. The Litang Horse Racing festival is a great opportunity to get a deep understanding of the Tibetan people and their unique culture.

During the festivals, the Tibetans will come from all over Kham area, even central Tibet to ride, celebrate and trade. Men and women will dress up with their splendid holiday costumes and wear beautiful accessories. They set up tents on the grassland of Litang, making the grassland a city of tents. What excites people most is the horse racing competition when the brave riders take their decorated horses to participate in the races and show their excellent riding skills to the audience.

Skills such as horseback speed riding, shooting, picking up scarlet on the fast running horse, etc are competed during the contest. The Litang Horse Racing Festival is also a fashion show as the best gorgeous Tibetan folk costumes, jewelry, and accessories are worn by people in the festival. Also the festival is a great time for trading. People will set up stands selling various Tibetan-styled handicrafts and wares.