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Laba Festival

Laba Festival
From the ancient times, Laba Festival is to celebrate the harvest and pay tribute to ancestors and gods, including the door god, the house God, Vesta, well God and so on.It’s the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month which is considered as the beginning of the Spring Festival.

Laba Festival is to worship their ancestors and gods, pray for good harvest and good fortune festival.In order to expand the influence of Buddhism in traditional culture , Laba Festival is designated as the Buddha becoming enlightened days since Han dynasty.

During the Laba Festival, it’s a tradition that the majority Han Chinese eat Laba rice porridge. Laba rice porridge is also called "Qibao flavors porridge."Eating the Laba rice porridge is a Chinese tradition with a history more than 1000 years.It’s made of eight fresh food and fruits and tastes sweet.