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Jingdezhen International Pottery and Porcelain Festival

Jingdezhen International Pottery and Porcelain Festival
Date: October (October 1 to 31)
Place: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province
In order to promote the development of China's art of making pottery, strengthen cultural exchanges and foreign ceramics, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province hold Jingdezhen International Pottery and Porcelain Festival every year.

With a thousand years of history producing porcelain, Jingdezhen is consider as the porcelain capital of China.Jingdezhen began making pottery from the Han Dynasty, dating back to 1800 years ago and began making porcelain from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, dating back to 1600 years ago.

Jingdezhen porcelain is sleek and variety with rich decoration and unique style.It’s said that Jingdezhen porcelain is "white as jade, bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, such as chime sound".It’s renowned at home and abroad.

Qinghua,Linglong,Fencai,seyou,collectively are known as the four traditional porcelains of Jingdezhen.Eggshell porcelain is called magical treasures. Sculpture porcelain is the Chinese traditional arts and crafts.

Many activities will be hold on the festival such as exhibitions of pottery, demonstrations of porcelain-making techniques and tea-making,exchanging pottery and holding the trade talks.visitors also have the opportunity making and painting porcelain themselves.