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Fujian Mazu Festival

Fujian Mazu Festival
Date: 23rd of the third lunar month and 9th of the ninth lunar month
Place: Meizhou Island, Putian, Fujian Province
Mazu formerly known as Lin Mo Niang, was born in Song dynasty.She had always treat people on the island, and forecasted weather changes, so the fishermen could avoid the risk of typhoons. Lin Mo Niang died at 28 years old.After her death,people felt thankful for her ethics,called her “God and the Virgin Mary,”and built Mazu temple to enshrine her in Meizhou Matsu island.In people's opinion, she has become able to bring good luck Poseidon

Mazu’s birthday and the anniversary is on 23, March and 9, September, Lunar New Year.On these days, thousands of local people and compatriots came to Meizhou Island to commemorate her

During the festival,vistors can attend the Mazu culture workshops,enjoy the distinctive folk dance and Fujiandelicious specialties.There are also arts and crafts fairs.