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Adult Ceremony

Adult Ceremony
Adult Ceremony
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Date: 15th birthday for girls and 16th for boys
Place: Yunnan Province

The Adult Ceremony is very important in Jino’s life.When a girl or a boy in Jino ethnic minority has been fifteen or sixteen years old,they will hold a ceremony to indicate they have become adult from the childhood. The change of their clothes and hairstyles will indicate this fact.

The girl will raplace a new different apron when she 15 years old and her hair style will be changed into a single braid, so that it carry the Tongpa.When the boy 16,he must wear the Baotou instead of the hat and his parents will give him a colorful Tongpa.

After the Adult Ceremony,they must participate in a social youth organization and obey the certain village regulations like be solidarity, respected the elders,not mean to other people.Once participating the organization, the young people have gained the qualification to the place where men and women date each other.