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Yuhuatai Scenic Spot in Nanjing

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Yuhuatai Scenic Spot is located in the southern part of the South Gate Castle in the Nanjing City. Its core part is the Terrace of the Raining Flowers which is a rarely beautiful mountain surrounded by the thickly dotted pine and cypress trees, with about 100 meters in height, 3.5 kilometers in length and topped by a platform structure. It's composed of three mountain heights.

Yuhuatai Scenic Spot is the revolutionary martyrs where the martyr died. Yuhuatai Scenic Spot is also Shizigang in the Kingdom of Wu at the time of the Three Kingdoms. There're two springs called Yongning Spring in the Gaozuo Temple to the north gate of Jinling. The two springs provide summer or winter, an inexhaustible supply of crystal-clear water, with mellow and sweet taste.

After Luyou who was the poet during the Southern Song Dynasty taste the spring, he was singing the praises of the clear springs. After that, the spring inside the Gaozuo Temple became officially the Second Spring South of the Yangtse River. Yuhuatai Scenic Spot is made up of six functional districts including scenic spot and historic resort, Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Park, Yuhua Stone Culture Region, Yuhua Tea Culture Region, Recreation Activities Region and Ecology Forests Region.

The Gate of Yuhuatai mausoleum is made up of granite.As for the present, there is the large and quite imposing Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Mausoleum complex with the largest scale in China. The huge blocks of granite are properly shaped with accurate proportions, a solemn expression and a strong sense of movement. Blessed with many famous historical spots with a long history, green and luxuriantmountain forest, the grasses and flowers in four seasons, as well as Yuhua stones reputed both at home and abroad and well-known Yuhua Tea throughout the world, Yuhuatai Scenic Spot had became the multifunctional scenic resort and historic site that had gathered together tourism, education, relaxation and service merging into one whole.

Because of its various colors, forms and highest quality, Yuhua stone has great aesthetic value as well. Today, apart from planting an extensive variety of plants, cultivating over a large area for the verdant lawn and building the flower beds and nurseries, the colorful cultural resource of Yuhuatai Scenic Spot is of high value. It contains numerous touring value, and it's worth deep opening up and widely developing.

When it comes to the formation of Yuhuatai, the biggest saying is that the place slowly changes it to the land area from the original river because of the constant motion of tectonic plates, and these beautifully shaped Yuhua stone is just proof of that. The specialty of the place is the Yuhua stone that is unsurpassed in the country. Yuhua stone is also called gravel in the geological history, which is very particular about the shape, color, texture and vein.

Yuhua stone is rich in color, with the constantly changing set of figuration and grooves. According to the natural coloring, grooves and transformation, Yuhua stone has always been endowed with abundant symbolic meanings, poetic and pictorial names by many famous writers and painters through the centuries. 

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