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Travel to Black Dragon Pool of Lijiang

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The mention of Lijiang's impressive scenes, most people will think of Lijiang Old Town and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain of Yunnan Province. However, the Black Dragon Pool Park is also one of the most fascinating attractions in Lijiang.

Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Park, also called Yuquan Park, is the most famous black dragon park in China, which is located at the foot of Elephant Mountain in northern Lijiang Old Town. Walking upstream of the Yuhe River for about one kilometer, from Square Street of Lijiang Old Town, there will be a crystal clear spring pool. That is the world famous Black Dragon Pool. 


Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Park was built in the second  year of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1737 AD). The park is named as The Famous Springs Of China and The Famous Scenic Spots Of China for its natural beauty.

The well decorated archway with two stone lions at the front, looks full of power and grandeur. 


Walking through the archway  and turning right, the whole scene of lush landscape and a clear pool will catch your eye.


Keep walking right along the pool, a five arch stone bridge lies on the water and divides the pool into two parts. 


From the Stone Arch Bridge, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be seen clearly, with its fascinating reflection on the pool.

The Five Phoenix Tower, which is full of Naxi minority style with many colorful flowers and birds pictures on it, looks like five flying phoenixes from all different angles.


Ticket Price:

You need to pay 80 Yuan for Lijiang Old Town maintenance, but it is free during 7:00PM-9:00PM. 

Location: No.1, Minzhu Road, Old Town District, Lijiang, Yunnan, China


Opening Hours: 7:00AM~9:00PM


Recommended Visiting Time: 2 Hour

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