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Touching Huashen Lake of Jiangsu

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The beautiful Huashen Lake is located in the Yuhuatai district in the Nanjing City, about 2 kilometers to the south of Yuhuatai as the famous tourist attraction, covering an area of about 56,000 square meters. It is also the largest elongated lake in the south of the downtown area, with the narrow west-east direction. The surface of the water had reached about 200 meters in its average width.

In its deepest part, the lake is more than 18 meters in depth. Huashen Lake formerly is one reservoir; a very serene and conducive environment of a condominium in downtown had been put up near its surroundings. With excellent surroundings and clear waters, Huashen Lake could be one great tourist resort for relieving heat, enjoying the cool air and swimming in the scorching summer.

Huashen Lake of artificial origin, with a maximum depth of more than 10 meters, varies somewhat from the naturedly-formed lake where gradually changed deeper from the edge toward the center. The lake shaped like the dustpan, at the mouth of the dustpan towards the south, the ladder changed deeper from south to north. Those efficient swimmers who are well posted on the state of affairs mostly go into the lake from its south side, rather than the east and west banks with a high drop.

Most of swimmers had never expected that the lake bed of Huashen Lake had a special nature. Less than 1 meter away from the shore, the depth of the lake might reach a few meters even over 10 meters. Nowadays, there's one transfer bridge built on the Huashen Lake. Huashen Lake is often called Hejia Lake which is from a beautiful legend. The origin of Hejia Lake is closely linked with Hejia village.

In those days, Hejia village lived one father and daughter who shared their life together, and the father is a gardener, also long well known for growing orchids. And his daughter was named Hehua, who was born smart, clever and extremely skillful growing flowers.

There was one serious draught one year which causes Hejia Lake to be thus exhausted, no rain and dew in three months, the crop from the fields was nearly drying up. All the plants and trees were all suffered severe blast. The greater part of the orchids in their garden went under to serious draught. The collection of her careful flower cultivation was a cause of acute pain to her.

One night, the daughter dreamed an extraordinary dream. There was a Queen of all flowers coming out from her delicate orchids. The Goddess of orchids expressed her heartfelt thanks to her and her father for their preening and constant care, and even told the daughter the solution to the serious natural calamities.

Later the daughter went through untold hardships in her quest for the solution even sacrificed her life to save the village. From this time on, Hejia village with timely wind and rain no longer has the drought. And then again, the villagers changed the name into Huashen Lake in remembrance of Hehua.

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