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The Initial Characteristic Towns of China—Guizhou Part 2

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Maotai Town

Located by the Chishui River in Renhuai City, Maotai Town is prestigious as the “ No.1 Liquor Town in China”, where is famous for its Maotai Liquor enjoying the equal popularity and reputation with Whisky and Brandy. Walking around the town, you will feel the vigor of national liquor of China.


Maotai Town was regarded as one of the four main towns of northern Guizhou with the other three are Dagu Xinchang Town, Yongxing Town, and Yaxi Town.There was an old saying that the salt of Sichuan Province goes through Maitai Town in Guizhou Province so properous merchants gather in Maotai. 


Paying a visit to National Liquor Gate and National Liquor Culture City, you will get a better idea of Maotai Liquor.


Recommended Delicacies: Hema Mutton, Sanba Chicken, Renhuai Coagulated Pork's Blood

Jiuzhou Old Town

Jiuzhou Old Town, situated in the southeast of Anshun City, Guizhou Provinve, is about 80 kilometers away from the capital city Guiyang and 37 kilometers away from the downtown of Anshun.


With rarely flat and expansive topography in Guizhou, Jiuzhou Town is well known for the endless Ten-thousand-acre Dam, which is one of the three most famous dams in Guizhou.

Anshun is widely considered as the home to high-quality of rice and Chinese Yam (Shan Yao). The flowing Xingjiang River will definitely be a feast for your eyes whenever you travel there.


Jiuzhou Old Town is also the home to clay whistle in Guizhou, among them the most elegantly-decorated one is twelve creatures of Chinese zodiac.


Recommended local food: Chinese Yam, Spicy Chicken

Xijiang Miao Village

Xijiang Miao Village, also called China’s Miao Stockade Village of One-thousand Households, is believed to be the largest Miao Village in China. Xijiang Miao Village is located in the north of Leishan County, the southeast of Guizhou Province, surrounded by rugged lands and rolling mountains.


As the largest Miao Village in the world, Xijiang Miao Village lies beside Leigong Mountain, stacking up along the mountain with terraces stretching layer by layer. Entering the village, visitors can see numerous stilted houses densely scattered around.Xijiang-Miao-Village.jpg

Except the great natural scenery,what tourists can not miss out are the local festivals and celebrations of Miao people.There are a variety of festivals ,such as Lusheng Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Harvest Celebration, etc.


Visitor should also enjoy the local delicacies or take part in the Long-table Feast of Miao ethnic minority group to appreciate the hospitality of them. As the Miao people always say that they can sing, dance and drink alcohol as long as they can speak, walk and drink water, these three things also become the indispensable parts of the long-table feast.


But what should be mentioned is that the visitors can not enter and taste the feast until you drink up a bowl of rice wine served by the locals. It will be definitely an interesting experience!~ Apart from the activities above, you will definitely enjoy the times for shopping and having local delicacies.


Recommended local delicacies: Miaowang Fish, Sour Fish Soup


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