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The Black Sand Beach - Dark Romance in Macau

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The Black Sand Beach is located in the southeast of Macau, also a famous natural sea-swimming place and tourist spot. As a matter of fact, the Black Beach wasn’t its original name. It was once called “Dahuan”, meaning the Big Loop. Later the local people named it as the Black Beach because the sand on the beach is the black. Taking a nice walk on the black seashore and feel the gentle touch of white waves, what more could you ask for?

It is about 1 kilometer in width, with the shape of half-moon. Not only the unique black sand beach scenery, the view around the beach is quite something to look at. Near the shore there is a patch of pine trees forests, verdant and lush. Behind the forests a small hill stands there peacefully, with clear streams flowing into the sea. If that’s not good enough, they also have amusement park for kids.

The most intriguing part of the Black Beach is that not all of the area is black, only some part of it. On its left, there is shinning golden sand, same on its right. Only this small area on the beach remains the black color all the years around, through endless rushing of tidal waves. Why the sand is black here? According to the experts, this is because a secondary ore called sea kerb stone formed under some special sea environment, then the ore was rushed here by the waves and turn into the black beach. Others think it might because of the black phlogopite. Which one is real doesn’t matter to me, as long as the great view bring joy and peace to my mind.

You might have this feeling the sea water is black checking the black sand for the first time, when as it comes near to the seashore, the sand it getting softer and softer. If you look really close, the sea water is actually blue. The coconut trees and some green plants form a vivid contrast with the black beach, feeling like somewhere near the hell on a cloudy day. Some tourists would grab some black sand and put them in plastic bags or glass bottles, as a memory and take them home. If you seen some white moving spot on the beach, no need to panic, that is only white sea turtles moving.

Tourists from all directions come to the beach all the time, especially in hot summer. College students likes to have bonfire fire besides the beach, before you get near, the sound of joy and laughter is already filling the ears. Not faraway from the beach, there is a small village with a history of more than 100 years. Local call it as the “Black Beach Village” now. Archaeologists once discovered a lot ancient artifacts in the village, one of which was an ancient pottery factory site in 4000 years ago, as well as some old-time currency from Qing dynasty.

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