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The Amazing Zhexi Grand Canyon in Hangzhou

 2014-11-14    Jenny Huang    Sights    Hangzhou    1820  

This great tourist attraction falls on the border of Hangzhou and Anhui. From Hangzhou, it is at a distance of about 110 kilometers and takes over one and a half hour drive to reach. The Zhexi Grand Canyon is a ring-shaped canyon which is 80 kilometers in length and has beautiful scenic sections. It consists about high and magnificent mountains and the Qiantang River flowing with thrill. The mountains are said to be the outstretched ranges of the Yellow Mountain. The canyon consists of three sections which make it attractive and amazingly beautiful.

The first section - Longjing Canyon

Stretched fairly over 18 kilometers, Longjing Canyon is the first majestic section of the Zhexi Grand Canyon. It features absolutely stunning and beautiful peaks, ever more amazing waterfalls, breathtaking steep cliffs and terrifying rocks. This happens to be one of the most important part of the canyon as presently only this section of the canyon is open for the tourists.

The second section - Shangxi Canyon

The second section of the Zhexi Grand Canyon is called Shangxi Canyon. The length of this majestic canyon is over 26 kilometers. One of the most amazing facts about this place is that this is the only place where chicken-blood stones can be found.

The third section - Zhemen Canyon

Known as the Zhemen Canyon, this happens to be the third section of the Zhexi Grand Canyon. What makes this section attractive and absolutely wonderful is that the layers of mountains and waterfalls in this section are one of their kinds. This absolutely graceful part of the canyon runs for nearly 30 kilometers.

Laodui Stream

This is another tourist attraction at the place. It is a piece of shoal land where two streams interchange. It is known that in the past the farmers used to make water mills at this place. There were large numbers of groups of water mills at this place. However, no more of them are found at the place now. This place has been turned into scenic spot these days and tourists enjoy the scenery here.

Cormorant Pool

The first scenic spot you enjoy when you enter the canyon is called cormorant pool. The place is said to be inhabited by cormorants in the past. The main scenery of this place is clear pool. The water erosion has led to heavy damage to the Qingyu Hillock near the lake.

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