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Tender Reminders of Nanao Island

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Nan Ao Island is located between the coastlines of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan Provinces. The area is composed of the main island and then another 22 smaller surrounding islands, all covering an area of approximately 130 square kilometers. Nan Ao Island has much to offer tourists: blue skies, white waves, sandy beaches, beautiful mountain scenery, historic temples and parks rich in wildlife.

QingAo Bay is one of the best bathing beach, the wave is gentle and low. The beach has a range of 2400 meters and the sands are soft, clean trop-quality. There are not reefs around and make the sea area very safe for swimming.

Without pollution, the water are always bright blue,and remain untainted by pollution. The verdant windbreak trees along the coast are as long as hundred of meters. Running from north to south is an area of shelterbelt, which combines with these other features to create a spectacular view. Together with the azure blue water and golden bay, it makes the beautiful landscape.

Beautiful Mountains and jade wells in the island are also reasons why so many tourists never end in Nan Ao. Nan Ao Island's mountains are commonly praised as 'pearls above the sea'. The mountain area contains many kinds of botanical plants, which can be found at the National Forest Park of Huanghua Mountain. In the park, visitors are surrounded by the most stunning natural scenery: beautiful flowers, singing birds and awe-inspiring views. So it got another name of 'Natural Arboretum at Sea in Southern China'.

The nearby Bullion Island is also worth a visit, with highlights including a winding, nine-bend bridge and a historical stone-carved statue which is said to guard the bullion and treasure on the island. Another of Nan Ao Islands' most famous sites is the Song Wells. There are three Song Wells in total; the Dragon Well, the Tiger Well and the Horse Well. Historically, these were used to provide emperors, ministers, soldiers and their horses with drinking water. However, today the wells have begun to sink into the sand on the seashore, although the water from the wells still remains fresh. It is really amazing.

The island's religious temples are also popular with visitors. There are more than 30 large temples in total. Among these is the Dieshiyan Old Temple, considered one of the most important of its kind in Southeast Asia. The features of another nearby temple, the Guandi Temple, match the architectural style of the ancient palace.

It was built on a similarly large scale, and is also renowned throughout the southeastern coastal region.
The island has more than 50 areas containing cultural relics and places of historical interest, such as the General Mansion of Army and the Changshanwei Emplacement, both of which have been recently restored to their former glories. An important late-Ming shipwreck, nicknamed Nan'ao One, was recently excavated off Nan'ao Island. The County Museum of Cultural Relics and Historic Sites are also conveniently situated near to these sites.

Places with wonderful scenery always remind people to think about good things in life, such as happiness and marriage. That’s why so many people choose to take their wedding photos in Nan Ao. Never miss the island if you plan to have a trip.

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