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Tarim River Leaves Endless Imagination to Us

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It's recorded that the conflux of the Aksu River of Tianshan Mountain, the Yerqiang River of Kunlun Mountains and Hetian River connect and mingle their waters to form the Tarim River. Tarim River in Xinjiang is regarded as the largest inland river in China. The total area of the Tarim River accounts for 19.8 square kilometers, the gentle waters run in and out like fingers slimming at the tips, finally, they curl into coves like tender palms at the Taitema Lake. It is also worthwhile to point out that it is the fifth largest inland river in the world.

The Tarim River is full of natural resources and tourist attractions. The tourism resources of Tarim River are at an advantageous position, and have great developing potentiality. Its abundant natural resources make up of particular local tourism resources, which also without doubt make Tarim River as one of the countries’ most suitable for walking tour. Each of the sites has distinctive features of its own, which displays to the peoples of the world a panorama of natural beauty. In addition to this natural beauty Tarim River, again, is well-known for its other scenic areas which are so concentrated in the region and yet so strikingly contrasted with each other that tourists cannot believe their eyes even when they see them.

Here visitors could enjoy the beauty of Bosten Hu as the largest inland freshwater lake. Moreover, one could also view the Luobupo Lake, which you could find the booming and decline of an ancient kindom-Loulan on Luobupo before the Han dynasty in Chinese history. Its desert ambience of the Taklimakan Desert as the 2nd largest shifting sands in the world attracts many tourists each year.

There is a great deal of distinctive touring resources in the Tarim River. Ancient Silk Road and desert,special arid landscape and inland mountains and waters consist of the renowned features of its unique touring resources. The archaeologists found some traces of vestiges of an ancient civilization in that area. The remains of an ancient civilization are not only an important part of the human being's culture, but also the appealing humanity resource with its own feature.

The Tarim River is also blessed with rich grassland resources; an example for such climate conditions is the Tarim River and the Euphrates Poplar Forests at its banks and branches, which are highly adapted to the special and dynamic conditions of the Tarim River at the edge of the Taklamakan Desert. The Tarim River is home to some extremely rare animals like argali, blue sheep, sable and many more. The flood, laden with rich earth, reaches the lower reaches of the river when the whole land has been burnt black by the sun. It's considered as "the water of life".

In every way the Tarim River is the life stream for the people of all ethnic groups. The Tarim River brings yet another architectural style to this wealthy and stylish city. The plentiful natural resources of the Tarim River decorate the nature, and beautify living environments for the local people; they delight us and they are human being's treasures given by nature.

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