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Spectacular Mount Tianping in Suzhou

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The famous Mount Tianping with the altitude of 201 meters above sea level lies within the boundaries of the beautiful Suzhou City. Despite the fact that it is only 201 meters above sea level, its steepness is comparable to that of the Huashan Mountain, thus in ancient times Mount Tianping was also known as White Cloud Mountain. It belongs to the ancestral home of the forefathers of Fan Zhongyan who was a famous statesman in the Song Dynasty.

There is a scenic resort and historic site of Mount Tianping where people go sightseeing, admiring the many rare and beautiful scenery. The scenic area occupies a ground space of over one hundred of acres. Mount Tianping had got been an excellent reputation for its three unique scenic features including maple trees, fantastic rocks and fresh spring.

Of the three wonders of the Mount Tianping, the first mountain in Wuzhong is probably the most fascinating and magnificent, which is also one of the country's four well-known great tourist attractions to enjoy an unobstructed view of the maple trees.

Mount Tianping is about 15 kilometers to the west of Suzhou City. It also became a favorite place for looking upon the beauty of Taihu Lake. The foothills are covered with acres of the maple woods for more than 400 years. The autumn leaves all glowed in the sunshine. The clumps of red autumn leaves on the mountains are of particular interest because they have been dyed crimson by the autumn frost till the mountains resemble one mass of azalea blooms.

In the beautiful golden autumn, ring upon ring of woods tinted with deep red is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Situated halfway up the Mount Tianping at an elevation of 221 meters above sea level, White Cloud Spring that is also dubbed admiringly "the first spring in Wuzhong" is winding here and there. There're two stiff cliffs commonly known as the Dragon Gate on its west side. It's also called the deep slit.

It is true of the landscape of Mount Tianping that most of the hills here are set off by picturesque cragged peaks with fleecy white clouds hovering round their summits. At the top of the hill is the Wanghu Pavilion with an enormous boulder facing the famous Taihu Lake. The hills are dotted with crisscrossed strange stones. White Cloud Spring with the crystal-clear water had a delicate sweet taste and was also compared to sweet dew by various people.

In late autumn, white clouds and patches of gorgeous crimson leaves shining like fiery-colored sunset. Never need local people in Suzhou look beyond their own hometown for the autumn tints suffused with deep colors and the beauty of natural scenery.

The red maple trees with a scientific name of Liquidambar formosana Hance, triangular in shape. This tree trunk spreading branches is too thick. It needs about three people to go round it. The maple woods in full bloom late in autumn add radiance and beauty to each other. It was truly a splendid spectacle! 

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