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Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park

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Phoenix Mountain with the altitude of 376 meters was regarded as the first mountain of Baoan. It is located in the east of Phoenix Village in Fuyong, Baoan District. Phoenix Mountain is listed as one of the most well-known Xin’an Eight Views for its gorgeous natural scenery with rich human landscapes since Qing dynasty.

This crescent-shaped Phoenix Mountain looks like a half moon inlaid on the shore of the west sea and the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park looks like a phoenix perching in the middle of the vast Lingdingyang in Zhuhai. Therefore, a spectacular landscape was made up of the sparkling water, splendid mountain, steep hillsides and mysterious caves.

The Phoenix Mountain Forest Park area is divided into three parts: the bottom scenic area, the temple scenic area and the top scenic area.
When you arrive at the bottom tower scenic area which is located at the phoenix mountain’s south foothill, you will see the six-storey “Phoenix Wenchang Tower” made up of blue bricks. There is a stream surrounding the tower and flowing downstream to Zhujiang River. The scenery is quiet with the green trees shaking on the banks. Being there is like being in a fairy land.

In the middle temple scenic area, the main part of Phoenix Mountain Forest Park, winding mountain roads and stone paths were built to reach this area. On the cliff left numerous inscriptions of the scholars in ancient dynasties. When you arrive there, you will feel the greatness and talents of our ancestors and will be proud of our Chinese culture.

There is a fairy story about the Phoenix Stone Temple. It tells that in the early Yuan Dynasty, Wen Yinglin who is Wen Tianxiang’s great-grandson, has run away from social upheaval to this place and saw that there was no smoke from the kitchen chimney of the village at the foothill because of the drought, so he gave away a lot of foods to the villagers with relief. One day, wandering about in the Phoenix Stones Area, Wen Yinglin visited the wonderful and beautiful mountains and rivers. At night, he dreamed of Goddess of Mercy and was told to build a temple there. Afterwards, he gave the name “Phoenix Stone Temple" to consecrate the Goddess of Mercy. So far, the temple has been preserved for more than six hundred years and rebuilt many times.

Since the temple was built, numerous famous people, including poets, writers, essayist and so on, came here to enjoy the unique scenery, pray to the celestial beings and look for their inspiration in writing. If you go there someday, you may see groups of people who are interested in literature reciting poems or essays and leaving psalms to the others. Besides, there is a mountain cave, described as "A Fairy Cave" because of a legend which tells that a phoenix once had roosted inside. Though, it has been said so without any proofs, people just want to leave the feeling of mystery without getting to the bottom of it. They don’t believe in Gods, but they don’t want to break the beauty of mystery.

The top sunset scenic area consists of nature scenery spots such as “the Bat Cave”, “the Stalactite Lake”, “the Huge Lion Rock” and so on. There is a lookout point called “the cloud top”. When you are standing there, the sky seems quite near as if you can touch it as long as you lift your arms.
Anyway, if you want to know more about one place, you need to go and see it personally. Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park is the place worthy of visiting that I recommend to you.

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