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Shanghai‘s Tianai Road

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Along the Shangyin Rd in Hongkou Shanghai, there is a road parella with is named Tian'ai Rd filled with silent and comfortable sentiment, however, different from Shanyin Rd, there are many walls behind the road sides, covering the sights while adding more mysterious sense.

If i haven't heard about it before, i will not know there is a small fork among the prosperous and raucous Sichuan North road in Shanghai, which is named as Tian'ai Rd. Looking into the road by standing in the crossing, the total length is only about one hundred, it is the single road with several order and tall metasequoia, sunshine in the early spring is comfortable, shadows of the metasequoia are lying on the road, when wind blows, metasequoia starts to dance as if they are the shadows of those couples who are walking along the street, sweet and shy. In here, you cannot find any noise except the bus will pass by occasionally, the unique quiet and easy phenomenon in Tian'ai road.

There is a special Love Mail Box in the crossing, every letter send from the box will be covered with an postmark in English letter “Love”, therefore, the recipients can receive the love and romantic from this postmark and collect it as an memorial in the future. In two sides of the street, there is a love wall made by 28 romantic poetries, “since i am in my lover's arm, i will forget everything except you”. No. 69, Tian'ai Rd is the address of Tian'ai Coffee shop, which has more sense of vintage and ancient by comparing with other coffee shops,main product in this coffee Tian'ai pudding was sitting in the glass cup silently, once you taste it, you will get a different experience. It is named as the most romantic road in Shanghai and it is a good place for couples to kiss.


There is an old story about this Tian'ai Rd, for those couples who love each other once walk along this street hand by hand, they can be together forever. It is said that there was a rich man who has a daughter named Tian'ai, she was smart and beautiful, everyone in the village know her; there was a cowherd boy name Xiangde who was also smart and talent, accompanied with her ladyship, they grew up together and at last, they were together, living happily, since then, there are two roads lean close to each named Tian'ai and Xiangde, which is same as the fairy tales of Cowherd and Weaving Girl.

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