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Rock Hill Volcanoes at Haikou

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The Rock Hill Volcanoes also known as Haikou World Geopark is situated in city of Haikou which is in south western part of Stone Town. Near to this Geopark is West expressway and a beltway highway that offer best transportation to the travelers to this wonderful tourist destination. It is one of the world famous volcanic eruption spots in the entire territory. The Rock Hill Volcano in Haikou is in fact situated in Shishan Town, also called rock hill in the Xiuying in Haikou City. There is a distance of twenty kilometers from the Haikou city to this geopark.

Excellent preserved crater

This spot has undergone a lot of volcanic eruptions that dates from hundred years to nearly 2.7 million years back. The crater group has become world famous tourist destination. The most complete one that belongs to the extinct volcanic peaks has a depth of ninety meters, and greatest elevation of over two hundred and twenty two meters. Due to the special saddle shape, it is also called Saddle Ridge which is in fact highest point located in Qiongbei area. It is fully neighbored by several dozens of tiny extinct volcanic peaks and extinct volcano eye. In Hainan, there is one and only one volcanic wonder, which is Rock Hill Volcano Haikou. This geopark is even considered as a region with lot of volcanic natural spectacular ruins. And, therefore, it is also rated as an excellent preserved crater.

Saddle Ridge

The entire group that has formation of volcanic crater of thirty six by radius of ten, called as Saddle Ridge is very prominent one with several high mountains of height over two hundred meters over level of sea. In northern side, highest peak is Naiqiong. The main highlights of this crater are Wolong hole, long Fairy Cave, and more. The original vegetation as well as the tropical fruit trees here offers a natural perfection. There are so many volcanic caverns underground, which are the byproducts of the volcanic eruption. Studies are done on this area in various fields. The geological experts consider thus region as a very huge scale volcanic hole museum.

Shishi Xianzong

Wolong holes are very spectacular but have yet to be developed. It is possible to enter concept of probe. Fairy Cave is about four kilometers from saddle ridge on whole basalt called the "Shishi Xianzong". It is carved stone that strikes the cave. In 1950s, there were holes to clean up sediments of Fairy cave, similar to polished stone tools, chisels, etc. It is supposed to be spots of the Neanderthals human ancestors. A kilometer far away from Fairy Cave, there Wolong hole is having a length of three kilometers, a height of seven kilometers and a width of ten kilometers. It has capacity to accommodate people. In the year 1996, this crater Park was the major venue for the World Tourism Day in city of Hainan. Based on the volcanic lava flows, lot of hiking trails is being constructed.

Travel Tips

It can be visited in any season. Experience the volcanic culture of rock hill by visiting the spot! 

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