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Renmin Park, One of the Four Main Parks in Haikou

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People's Park or Renmin Park is a public park located in Haikou, which is the capital of Hainan State, China. It is situated in the middle of the city, on Haixiu Road near the East Lake. Built in the year 1954, the park shields a whole area of more than 300 acres. Through the later part of 2000s, it was refurbished, with new paths fitted. It is regarded as one of the four main parks situated in Haikou.

Main attractions

The Renmin Park encompasses a solitary, huge hill, with a highland at the peak. This setting feature is rare in Haikou, as the town is nearly completely flat. Hundreds of twisting, tapered pathways are existing here as a varied diversity of flora. Maximum of the park is enclosed with a shade of trees offering mostly sheltered areas. When matched to other Haikou parks, like the Evergreen Park and the Baishamen Park, People's Park is noticeably more opulent, and comprises far more varied and concerted flora.

An early morning exercise center

The park, being nearby to several old localities, is famous with native Hainan inhabitants, in specific, senior residents. Every morning in the early dawn onwards, thousands of individuals reach here to participate in exercises. Groups are made to partake in such actions as ping pong, badminton, tai chi, kung fu, fitness dancing, aerobics and jianzi. Fitness dancing and Tai chi audiences rule, with heaps of discrete groups’ existent all over the park. The round path nearby the top plateau is engaged by hundreds of persons walking for workout. No cycles are permissible in the park, and there is also no entrance fee.

Hainan Liberation Monument

At the central ingress to the park, you can find the Hainan Liberation Monument. Established in April 1954, it contains an engraving by Zhu De. The park is distributed into segments comprising that of exploration on the lake, the Memorial for martyrs, the samples of tropical floras and a garden of orchids and so on. The statue and commemorative dome of General Feng Baiju are situated in the Martyrs Memorial Segment.

British Hill

Haikou People's Park was initially known as the British Hill Park contains of 258 acres of green zone, fine trees, lavish flowers and plants, and more than 1,000 types of surviving tropical and subtropical floras. The green area in the park accounts for over 87.2% of the plot area, thus, this park can also be labeled as a tropical botanical garden. Few years ago, a different play area in the park has been made, which usually attracts many children as well as adults of the city. Every single festival, a range of demonstrations and entertaining activities in the amusement park happen to attract more people.

After years of alteration and construction, Haikou People's Park has turn out to be a significant resting location for the individuals of Haikou. The park is free and is open throughout the year. It is attractive to people of all ages. Many facilities are available also for the convenience of people visiting the park, hence, making it a unique one.

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