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Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot in Beijing

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Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot is located in Shicheng Town of Miyun County in Beijing City, which is also the first scenic spot supermarket in the suburb of Beijing. With its northern-frontier location, the beauty spot is made up of two main regions including Qingliang Lake and thousands of feet pearls waterfall. The constant flow of water from Bai River had passed by the door of the scenic area. The peculiar geographical position and environment had formed its cool climate. 


On entering the scenic area, and the first thing that catches the eye is Yingxian waterfall. The place is surrounded by the lofty mountains that towered to the skies. The resort crawled with the dense forest and fertile grasses. Especially many pine and cypress trees, grasses and flowers all the year around grow thickly on the steep cliff without any soil all the year around.
This kind of dogged and rugged temperament could not only give people the feeling of aiming high, but also decorate the high mountain with more magnificent appearance, bright and delicate character. Looked at the waterfall again, with quite over 70 meters in height, the current is very deep and strong down the stream, fading in and out, coming down in torrents. 


Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot lies in the northern-frontier remote mountains, and is featured by the fresh and sweet air, intensive pools and waterfalls, lofty mountain and dense forest as well as the cool climate. Within the section of a highway less than 4 kilometers are two lakes, five waterfalls and thirteen pools of all shapes and sizes.
The upper end of the original secondary forest is growing the bottom of the valley. People come here to enjoy the forest bathe, swimming in the mountainous spring and picking numerous wild flowers and wild fruits in the different seasons. Many of the famous scenic sites on the scenic spot are harmonious combinations of mountains and waters that complement and set each other off. 


Qingliang Lake is about 2 kilometers away from the entrance of Qingliang Valley; the large bodies of water could cover an area of about 10,000 square meters. The beauty spot with a fresh and joyful view, the blue sky and white clouds depend on each other, green hills and clear waters set each other off. What a lovely natural landscape painting.
Rowing on the surface of Qingliang Lake, people only felt that the boat drive on the infinite rolling lake and people are travelling in the picture. On the mountaintop of Qingliang Valley is nearly covered by large areas of Pinus tabulaeformis, with the terrain sloping gently, the fresh cool air, distinctive colors and distinct layer level.


Acres of original secondary forest had naturally formed the green scope and a sea of forest along with the undulating and curvaceous peaks. In my viewing the scenic spot from that position where I stood, I perceived that the soughing of the pines and blue-green sea were everywhere. Only a few stone peaks as of a giant majestically looking on the boundless forest of green waves. 

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