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Puzhehei - Hidden Gem of Yunnan

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Puzhehei is a hidden gem in the remote  Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in southeastern Yunnan. The word  Puzhehei means 'pools filled with fish and shrimp' in the Yi language. Puzhehei  is the paradise of photographers with its Karst peak forest, lakes and caves,  green fields and lotus pools, water village of Yi people, and migrant bird’s  heaven. It is recognized the new hot destination in the Yunnan province which  has both views of Guilin and South China. Since its introduction to the Chinese  audience via a sought-after TV show in 2013, Puzhehei’s popularity is growing  quickly and attracts many photography lovers who want to capture the unique  picturesque view.

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Puzhehei is perhaps best known for its lakes  and pools. The Puzhehei Lake, which is 2.5 kilometers long and 300 meters wide,  spreads out through a network of mountainous islands and wetlands. When sunlight  dapples the lake, the glassy surface of the water reflects every detail of the landscape  and the sky providing breathtaking views. The highlight of the lake is the pool  of lotus. It is said that the most popular time to visit is early summer when  lotuses are in bloom across the lake. Then visitors take on the boat ride to  experience the endless lotus flowers ocean, wild birds and other enjoyable  sights. There is also a nice area to swim on one side of the island so don’t  forget to bring your swimming suit with you. Hiking around the mountains is  very popular as there are some areas of caves are worth visiting.

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Now you can take the high-speed train from  Kunming South Railway Station to Puzhehei Station. The trip takes roughly 1.5  hours and single ticket costs between 75 and 120 yuan. From the Puzhehei  Station, you can catch a tourist bus (5 yuan) or taxi (about 45-65 yuan) to  Puzhehei Scenic Resort.

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