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Peony Garden

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Peony Garden, also popularly known as the Mu Dan Yuan Park, is located in Changchun City in Jilin Province. Founded in 1998, Peony Garden has become the only one boutique garden in Jilin province after more than ten years of constant improvement and hard efforts. There is a variety kind of peony and other flowers in the park. The number of visitors to the garden reaches more than 100,000 every day in the flowering season.  Every year peony garden attracts hundreds of thousands visitors from different places.

Main attraction
The peony garden occupies an area of 6.65 hectares with more than ten thousand plants peonies, which makes the park become a place that worthy of its name. Besides, there are different kinds of unusual trees and other flowers, including shrubs of dahlias, nebula, blackberry and others. In the late spring and early summer, the beautiful and dreamy peonies begin to bloom. At this time every year, the whole park looks like a sea of flowers. Shocking and awing in her beauty, people go to the park to enjoy flowers. Peony has different color, white, yellow, pink, red and purple; all colors have their own features. The peony flowering period is about a week, therefore, it is important to catch the precious time to appreciate flowers.
Now, the area of peonies covers for about 68% of the entire flowers planting spaces. The amount of planting peonies increased from the initial 2% to 32%. As the development of the park, the peony planning area will be larger and larger and the scenery will be more and more beautiful and attractive.

Ornamental fishes
The fishponds constructed here for tourists to appreciate in summer. The ponds in the garden have various aquarium fishes to delight the tourists. It is cool near the fishpond and there is no doubt that it is a good place for summer. Apart from those, visitors also have the chance to appreciate different shapes of stone in the park. Pavilions and benches are available for tourists when they feel tired during visit the park.

Division of the peony garden
The Peony Garden is distributed into 4 regions. They are respectively Centennial Peony Garden, Zi Ban Peony Garden, Peony Samples' Garden, Zhong Yuan Peony Garden, Chinese Herbaceous Peonies Garden and Foreign Peony Garden. Each region has its own function. After the division, the design of the park is more reasonable and the scenery is more vivid and livelier. 

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