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Nanjing travel tips

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Located in the southwest of the Yangzi River, Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu.It’s a pleasant and prosperous city with beautiful scenery and long historical heritage.Nanjing is a city combine old and new.There are several excellent universities and a large number of foreign student.The city also have a lot international restaurants and a lively nightlife.

Sights in Nanjing:
Zhongshan Hill Scenic Area
Located in the north-eastern suburbs of Nanjing, Zhongshan Hill Scenic Area is one of the 4A Scenic Areas.It’s a sight you can’t miss.The main attraction here is Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum. As the pioneer of Chinese democratic revolution,he was buried here on June 1, 1929.The other attractions are
Plum Blossom Hill, The Ocean World, Purple Mountain Observatory, White Horse Park, Xuanwu Lake Park and Taicheng Wall.
Nanjing travel tips

Qinhuai Scenic Zones
Qinhuai Scenic Zones is called "Capital of the Six Dynasties" for its prosperous.It has been a place where trade,culture and arts thrive since the Six Dynasties.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, dance halls were everywhere, people binge drinking and sang all night long. Qinhuai Scenic Zones is composed by a series attractions such as The Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River, Zhanyuan Garden, Zhonghuamen Gate.It’s a great place to view scenes, do shopping and enjoy snacks.
Nanjing travel tips

Stone City Scenic Area
The Stone City Scenic Area is maily formed in the Qing Dynasty.This area has a beautiful scenery and a number of scenic spots. Although many attractions were destroyed for historical reasons,this area is still a great place to understand Chinese history and culture.The mainly attractions in this area include the Stone City, Presidential Palace, Mochou Lake, Chaotian Palace, the Former Residence of Ganxi and so on.
Nanjing travel tips

Money & costs
Located in Hongwu road, the bank of china (zhongguo yinhang) is open at 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-12.30pm Sat.You can change your currency and travellers cheques here.The 24-hour ATM also takes international cards.
The PSB(Public security bureau) is located on a small lane called Sanyuan Xiang which is on the west of Zhongshan south road.
Health & safety
You can get medical services from Jiangsu Provincial Hospital and Nanjing International SOS Clinic.
Jiangsu Provincial Hospital :
Address: 300 Guangzhou Road
Opening hours: 8am-noon, 2-5.30pm
Tel: 8503 8022
Nanjing International SOS Clinic:
Address: On the ground floor of the Grand Metropark Hotel
Tel:8480 2842, 24hr alarm centre 010-6462 9100

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