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Nanjing Xuanwu Lake

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Situated at the foot of Mount Zhongshan in Nanjing, Xuanwu Lake is a beautiful scenic spot protected by China. It is also one of the three most famous lakes in Nanjing. Surrounding it are the circumvallation, Mount Jiuhua and Jiming Temple. The history of Xuanwu Lake can be traced back to the Pre-Qin period (21 century BC-221 BC). The name of the lake has changed several times during the long history. The lake gained the name Xuanwu because a black dragon was said to be in the lake.

Liang Isle is the one that was developed earlier than the other four. Annually, the grand traditional exhibition of chrysanthemums is held here. On the Cui Isle, there are dark green pines, emerald green cypresses, tender willows, and light green bamboos. To the east of Ling Isle, you can see the beautiful clouds drifting across Zhong Mountain. Each island has wonderful scenery: Nuona Tower on Huan Isle is full of special serene ambience. Wumiao Zha on Ling Isle has long history and of a reasonable design. Other places like the Lotus Garden on Ying Isle and the Huashen Miao on Liang Isle are also worth visiting.

Although both Xuanwu Lake and the Summer Palace are royal gardens, the style of them are not the same. Xuanwu Lake has a little stern feeling but has more tender feelings. At a corner of the lake many visitors wrote down their hopes about their families, their school work and their enterprises and so on. Every time when I went by the corner I could not help to closing my eyes and make my best wishes.

It is said that the beauty of Xuanwu Lake can go through all the year round. In spring bicyclists can rides past cherry trees in bloom next to the lake. So you will indulge yourselves in smelling the light fragrance and enjoying the pleasant spring, though I like the seeds of spring and the lingering summer lotus better. When it comes to summer, the lotus blooms in the sight of the sun, and loses all that it has. Lotus which I love most, I have often painted flowers, but no pictures of her arch look, feel sorry about this. If you have time to come Xuanwu Lake, you can go boating on the lake with a lot of lotus.

Chrysanthemums put forth flowers in autumn. Many visitors take pictures of various chrysanthemums beside Xuanwu Lake. You can walk along the riverside, enjoying the charming view. If you think there would be nothing in Xuanwu Lake in winter, I can tell you here that you are totally wrong, because winter is the season when Lamei is fully blooming. Lamei is not bluegrass but its branches are fine and no roses are as beautiful as it is in the cold winter. So if the theory is not well-used to attract you, its strong will and the spirit of resisting the wind will exert upward forces. Only when you come here can you see the beauty of Xuanwu Lake!

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