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Nanjing Confucius Temple

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The Confucius Temple in Nanjing, known as Fuzimiao in Chinese, was originally constructed in the Song Dynasty in the year of 1034. It was a place to worship and consecrate Confucius which was the great philosopher and educator of ancient China. During the long process, the original building expanded to be a complex building in the architectural style of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, including the Confucius Temple itself, the Jiangnan Gongyuan (the place of imperial examinations) and the Xue Gong (the Imperial Academy). The complex is still called the Confucius Temple out of the habit by locals and visitors. In front of the Confucius Temple, the Qin Huai River is flowing. The scenery of the Qin Huai River is very attractive especially the nightscape.

On the south band of the river, there is the longest screen wall in China which is 110-meter-long (about 120 yards) and all piled with bricks. The area around the temple consists of a series of tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants and tea cafes. They all appear to be in the architectural style of the Ming and Qing style. A variety of snacks encompassing eight of the most famous flavors are available for purchase at here. Everyone’s individual tastes are well catered for. They are necessary parts of food culture in Nanjing. Among the varieties of food there, three kinds of food are highly recommended.

The No.1 in my viewpoint is  with Duck Blood and Bean-Starchy which is made of duck blood, other offal and fans and so on. The taste of the duck blood is slippery and delicious. What’s more, researches showed that duck blood has the healthy function in enriching the blood especially for women, detoxification, bowel aperient and nourishing the liver. The authentic Vermicelli with Duck Blood and Bean-Starchy is in the snacks street of Fuzimiao.

The second delicious food that I want to recommend is the most popular food in Chinese society--smoked bean curd. It is the main food in a farming family. The major ingredient of smoked bean curd is the bean curd. The tastes of smoked bean curd are various based on the seasoning added. Also, researches showed that smoked bean curd can prevent osteoporosis of breast and prostate effectively. It also can inhibit cholesterol intake as well as is the best brain food.

Try black rice bean jelly, bean jelly whose shape and sweet taste makes everyone who tried happiness and satisfaction. Yep, the third cate deserved tasting is black rice bean jelly. In general, tourists taste black rice before bean jelly, a small bowl of jelly mix on salty spicy sauce, fresh and not greasy, one black and one white, which is not only beautiful but also delicious.

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