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Mysterious Ge Lake in Jiangsu

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Ge Lake is vulgarly known as Shaizi Lake, which means one very shallow lake without any sands. Ge Lake is located between the southwest of Wujin and the northeast of Yixing City, which is the second-biggest lake next to Tai Lake in the south of Jiangsu province. The lake itself has dimensions of roughly 250000 acres, with mean depth of water less than 1.5 meters.


For centuries, the mystique of the Ge Lake centered on the mystery of its origins and name. Being clear of the origins and name of Ge Lake bears substantial significance to make the process for reasonable and scientific use of the tourism sources of Ge Lake. Today Ge Lake stretches some 25 kilometers north to south and 6.6 kilometers east to west, covering in total an area of about 249,000 square kilometers.


The smooth surface of the Ge Lake shaped like one long eggplant. The lake has a smooth and clean shoreline. The lake is shaped like one shallow disc, with the flat bottom. There're the crisscrossed river and port along the lake and interlaced water network. The ponds are scattered all along the lake like stars in the sky, with a beautiful natural environment.


When you entered into the scenic spot, it could quickly make you feel similar to another age, which as still and steady as dreaming and different world. No one really doubted the formed reasons of Ge Lake of the earthquake falling into the ground. This is according to historical documents and the found things of enclosing a lake for building the farmland. The ancients called the daedal hand of nature, which shall be another bright and beautiful scene.


Ge Lake is to use its rich natural landscape, history and culture to make one famous scenic spot. There exist various opinions about the particular formation time of Ge Lake. There're various mythology and legend of Ge Lake. Story has it that there's no lake within the territory of Wujin, there was originally a village where Ge Lake now is. It's called as Ge village owning to the fact that it had crisscrossed river channels that kept away from the periphery.


Ge village with beautiful hills and waters is surrounded by water on all sides, which enjoyed the same fame as the Dragon Palace. When the Dragon King knew the fact and was in a thundering rage. How could the earth be the same as the heaven?


Thus, the Dragon King always committed a mischievous act by revealing his presence. There're continuous floods year after year. The masses invariably pour out their endless grievances. The folk hero wanted to kill the dragon rising out of the river but did not succeed. The masses of Ge village had to live a rootless wandering life after many years of moving around.


The Guanyin Bodhisattva decided to save the masses after learning this, and form Ge Lake to prevent flood. From this time on, the lake was a blue-water lake with the fertilizing fishes. The five grains are fully rising on the bank where was heavy with the aroma of melons and fruits.

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