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Mount Siguniang Tour

 2014-06-04    Sum    Tours    Chengdu    1735  

Mount Siguniang is located in Sichuan Province. The name of the mountain means the fourth sister. There are four mountains sit next to each other from north to south in the range of 3 to 5 kilometers. People call them the four sisters. The fourth one Mount Siguniang is considered the tallest one with the most beautiful ice peak.

Winding mountain road

The road is 245 kilometers from Chengdu to Rilong County where the Mount Siguniang is located. Along the road are beautiful sceneries on both sides. The route passes Dujiangyan, Yingxiu, and Wolong. It takes around five hours. Due to the earthquake, this route can only go by private cars. Coach has to skirt a longer distance to get there in order to avoid the bad-condition roads.

Our driver

We hired a Tibetan driver to get us there. The driver is a young typical Tibetan people. We found him humble, kind-hearted, humorous, and diligent. He played Tibetan music along the way and smoked quite a lot. He said smoking kept him awake and concentrated. 

When we got to Yakou, where the famous winding mountain road is located, we stopped to answer the call of nature. A yak showed up from nowhere and startled us all.

Mount Siguniang hiding behind mountain  

From Yakou we also were also able to have our first glance at the Mount Siguniang. 

After five and a half hour’s drive, we arrived at Xiaojin County near the foot of Mount Siguninag.

The boss of the hotel recommended us to go to Chaoshanping where we may have the chance to witness the scene that sun shines on the peak of the Mount Siguniang, if the cloud does not get into our way.

However, we did not get to see that spectacular view. On our way down, we ran into a horse team. Then we realized that we somehow got into a scenic area which required entrance fee. But we took some other tracks and slipped through. 

At night, after dinner, we went to the bar near our hotel. We heard that the bar was the most high-end place in town. The bar was relaxing and quiet. 

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