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Mount Longbei Forest Park in Jiangsu

 2014-09-10    Young    Sights    Jiangsu    1783  

Mount Longbei Forest Park is located on the south side of the downtown of Yixing City, occupying a ground space of 550 hectares. There's a downy rolling landscape with vast green woods inside the garden. The garden is a verdant lawn with an area of thousands of square meters. There're many gardens like sweet-scented osmanthus, azaleas and roses in its setting of greenery and sometimes even picturesque surroundings. And the park with the waterfall, Inkstone Pool with vast expanses of water, thick forest and tall bamboos is a magnet for visitors.

Mount Longbei Forest Park is divided into the four large travelling area including historical and cultural area, a botanical garden area, amusement park area and recreational area, which is also the city forest park with the largest scale in the East China area. Go through the erecting great memorial archway of Mount Longbei Forest Park, under the guidance of flower garden corridor with a floral figure and more than 100 meters long, the park first presented itself to the eye, with the magnificent man-made waterfalls on a large scale.

Standing in front of these waterfalls, listening to the raging stream bickering down the valley that are incessantly hanging on the ears, viewing the tremendously fascinating site formed by the swift downstream and beading of water currents gushing down below, the visitors could have to marvel at such one rare view created in the hectic urban environment. It remained one beautiful thing to ride on the environmental protection electric power cart to go browsing the park's ecological environment.

The park is the natural scenic spot in mountainous type, with the overall measurements of 5.5 square kilometers, forest coverage reaching 95%. Blessed with the gently rolling hills, thick vegetation, towering ancient trees, dense groves of tall bamboos, peaks rising one upon another, many secluded ravines and sparkling mountain streams, the tourist attraction is a good place for holiday and rest.

The over foliaged park thickly carpeted with green pines and bamboos created the scenery with mountains and rivers formed by the first-class ecological resources, and abundant human landscape that accumulated by a long history and favorable geographic environment. Dozens of pools are situated throughout the park, with the murmuring spring all the year around.

The crystal clear spring water, with numerous temptations and beautiful, gathers together and formed the deep pool, scattered all over the mountains and the bottom of the valley. The whole Mount Longbei Forest Park, the lake and the hills adding radiance and beauty to each other, tower buildings and terraces with beautiful colors unparalleled, thick natural vegetation and good ecological environment, could shine with such a supernatural radiance all the year around.

The scale of several featured flower gardens is about hundred acres. There in the garden we can always see some kinds of flowers in full bloom throughout the year. Blooming however not grand, refreshed but warm, sweet perfumes are diffused all around. You could feel the mingled fragrance of many grasses and flowers in the air when you are wandering about the garden. 

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