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Marvelous Mount Baohua in Jiangsu

 2014-09-18    Young    Sights    Jiangsu    1502  

Baohua Mountain National Forest Park is located on the northwestern Jurong County in Jiangsu Province, which is given that name because of the yellow flowers all over the mountain in the spring. Later Zhibao had come here and reputedly preached to crowds who were the venerable monk in the Liang of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, so the place changed its name to Baohua Mountain.

Baohua Mountain National Forest Park had long been well-known for its four natural wonders including the beautiful forest, charming mountains, deep caves of enchanting beauty and lovely mist and clouds in the twilight. The sunset scenery here is especially fascinating when the beams of the dipping sun somehow filter through the mist and fog to create a seductively enchanting scene. The foggy sea of Baohua Mountain compared favorably with that of the sea of clouds that is the Mount Huangshan marvelous spectacle.

That ivory coloured air faded in and out. They were of that baffling protean gray which is never twice the same. The green mountains and ancient temples verily twinkled, as of the great mystery of adolescent girls and the fairy on the ninth heaven that was down in the world of mortals. Here you could enjoy the distant murmur of a brook, the soughing of the wind in the pines, the pleasant effect of a woman's speech, which everything was totally absorbed in the fascinating scenery with either light or heavy make-up.

Baohua Mountain National Forest Park, with forest coverage reaching 92%, densely grown with towering ancient trees. There's a patch of bright sky was visible flashing through the thickly clustered branches. There're the myriad variety of rare and precious trees and plants on the mountain heights like the well-grown linden, gingko and some other trees. Among which the deciduous Chinese tree of Baohua had been especially peculiar to Baohua Mountain. The large flower as white as snow is just like lotus.

Whenever it's the ordination period, these flowers in full bloom with heavy perfume of the flowers and graceful vitality could send each strand of simple yet elegant and warm smell to the congregation. Baohua Mountain occupies pretty important position in the history of Buddhism in China. Longchang Temple in the mountain had a very long history over 1,500 years and has witnessed some turbulent times, which is the present biggest ordination site for Buddhist worship in China. Thus Baohua Mountain is also called the first holy mountain in Buddhist school.

Standing on the top of the Baohua Mountain and looking afar to the north, one sees nothing but the Changjiang River like the belt, the tremendous spaciousness of it was misty trees. The mountain was a limpid blue, as if swept clean of everything; the scenery of red maple leaves was striking and picturesque.

The delicate and graceful scene filled with green mountains and beautiful water is too gorgeous to be absorbed all at once. The forest landscape in Baohua Mountain with the typical zonal vegetation is radically distinctive and without equal beautifully preserved. 

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