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Lovely Haohe Scenic Spot in Jiangsu

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Haohe Scenic Spot in Nantong City is located at the center of Nantong as the leading national-level historical and cultural city, which is also the best-preserved ancient moat in the country for thousands of years, with the complete length of about 10 kilometers, the surface of the water covering an area of about 1,040 acres, 215 meters wide at its widest point and only 10 meters at the narrowest point.

The whole Hao River goes forward on a zigzag course and by roundabout ways. The inverted gourd-shaped river was embraced by old urban areas. It eventually formed a particular style of its own like the scenery: a river winds its way about the city, the city was surrounded by the water, the city was blended with water. Haohe Scenic Spot is such one great opened national grade AAAAA tourism scenic spot around the city that combined miraculous natural sight with various humanity landscapes.

Hao River in Nantong City circumvented by the old city areas is just shaped like the gourd as of the bead chain, which is also dubbed admiringly the jade bead necklace in Nantong City. Scenic spots within the scenery zone also include the original moat of Nantong for more than 1000 years, the earliest Nantong Museum built by the Chinese themselves, Wenfeng Tower that is the China's first museum majoring in textile also known as Grand View Garden of Textile.

Protected by the Hao River which skirts it on all sides, it is strategically located, easier to defend than to attack. The surface of the water covers an area of 700 thousand square meters. Blessed with abundant cultural landscapes, luxuriant tree groves, the scenic spot with waterside pavilion was half-hidden behind green trees in deep graceful seclusion. The pleasure-boats and pleasure-crafts danced in the water. The wondrous beauty of Nantong with the form of the garden city is known far and wide for the Hao River.

Wenfeng Tower district is another assembly point of scenic sights in the southeast of Haohe Scenic Spot. Here is blessed with the charming scenery and excellent surroundings. Wenfeng Tower stands out on the plain, which ranks first in the Three Pagodas of Nantong. It's such one beautiful scenic spot built based on the old park. Blessed with the sea-like expanse of the river and the far-reaching blue lake, Haohe Scenic Spot is the cultural and entertainment area in Nantong City.

The famous embroidery artist Shen Shou who absorbed the good points of Japanese and Western fine arts and blended them with traditional Chinese embroidery skills to make the simulated embroidery with ray effects came to Nantong and developed the tremendous embroidery artists.

Nantong is famous for its embroidered portrait all over the world that is characterized by the unity of form and spirit, very breathing complexion and fine embroidery needles. The calm and clear waters Hao River mirror the expansive view of the surrounding area. Haohe Scenic Spot is famous at home and abroad for its spectacular natural scenery, wonderful cultural sights and imposing cultural foundation. 

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