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Lotus Hill Park— the Best Place to Visit in Shenzhen

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Lotus Hill is located in Futian District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province whose main peak is only 106 meters above the sea level. The Lotus Hill Park is a city park built by Shenzhen municipal government on Lotus Hill and surrounded with green space which covers an area of 80 hectares. The pure, fresh and beautiful appearance as well as the elegant and plain style of this leisure resort attracts masses of tourists. 

Slowly walking along the winding and rugged mountain path, visitors can enjoy the pleasure of climbing mountains without feeling tired. Standing on the platform made of marble, leaning on the railing made of granite and looking down at Futian Central District nearby, you will feel as if you were in the sky.

On the days with strong wind, the wide lawn in the Lotus Park is an ideal place to fly kites. As the kites slowly fly up, visitors not only can relive the fun of their childhood, but also can let their mood fly freely and happily. At the south of the foot of the mountain is Guanshanyue Gallery whose name is given by the Previous General Secretary Jiang Zemin. All kinds of high- leveled art exhibitions are often held here which offer the visitors great chances of appreciating arts.

A square is built on the top of the mountain which is the highest outdoor plaza in Shenzhen at present. In the middle of the square stands a statue of Deng Xiaoping, the General Designer of Reform and Opening-up to the outside world, striding forward. The mountaintop square is the best place for citizens and visitors to memorize the great man and to overlook the central district of Shenzhen. Many travel agencies take it as their reception for the early spring there is so beautiful to be chosen as one of the eight sceneries in Shenzhen.

There are two main side-ways to the top of the mountain looming in the foothills on the south slopes of the main peak. But they are the key ways for the visitors’ climbing exercise. Besides, on northwest and north slopes were built three tree-lined paths as well where citizens in an endless stream come to do exercise.

Entering from the main gallery entrance into the Lotus Hill Park and walking forward to the edges of the mountain, there are two streams which is more than 600 meters flowing down from the valleys. The visitors can feel the special, quiet and beautiful tropical rainforest at the wetland, the foggy valley and the ecological experience channel where they flows through.

In the southeast corner of the park, the flowers sway besides the lake and the butterflies flutter in the flowers. How fascinating it is! This is the place called Yangri Lake whose water system is interlinked with the streams of rainforest valleys. A group of ducklings are swimming in the lake and the pleasant scenery is around. Here set up as a leisure area with some main entertainment facilities for community residents and visitors. Standing on the bridge by the lake, inadvertently, mist is drifting between aquatic plants.

Once you have the chance to go there, you will learn a lot of knowledge about nature and ecology, because there are many placards with different illustration and description for you to read all along the way. I am sure you will be regretted if you have never visited there.

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