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Heavenly Lake at Tianshan Mountain Xinjiang

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 Planning a trip in China? Today we will travel around the home of singing and dancing, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, which has more than 1000 attractive scenic spots in our country. Here we have no panda-watching, no Beijing roast duck, no classic Suzhou gardens, but breathtaking landscapes and unique folk customs. Let is make Heavenly Lake in Tianshan Mountain the first stop. 

Xinjiang Uuyghur Autonomous Region, located in the north-western part of China, is famous for the sweet cantaloupes and grapes, heavenly landscapes as well as happy folk dance. And Heavenly Lake is at the base of the highest peak of Tianshan Mountain named Bogda Peak, with an area of 380.69 square kilometers.

Legend of the Heavenly Lake usually adds some mysteries to it. Long long ago, the Heavenly Empress fell in love with King Mu of the Western Zhou Dynasty at this heavenly lake and the King promised to come back for her after leading the domestic people to a happy life in central China. However, no one knows why the King never came back again and kept the West Queen waiting for the whole life, leaving the touch poem to us later generations. Poem: The Heavenly Empress: "The white clouds drift while the mountains reach the blue sky. Passing thousands of mountains, crossing ten thousands of rivers, you come to us from a faraway place. If you are still strong and fine, would you like to come back to us again?" The King: "After I go back to central China and lead the people to a prosperous life, I will come to you again."

The Heavenly Lake, also called "Pearl of Tianshan Mountain" by local people, is about 3400 meters long, 1500 meters wide and 105 meters deep. It mainly boasts for the fairy natural scenes, including the crystal lake, non-extreme weather, silvery mountains, and colorful wild flowers. If you are a tourism enthusiast, both summer and winter are the ideal seasons for you to explore its beauty.

Summer Trip to the Heavenly Lake - the weather is cool and cozy here in summer that is why people usually list it as a perfect summer resort to get rid of heat. It will never be a bad choice to stand near the lake, appreciating the clear lake water, changeable silvery mountains, charming flowers and green pasture. If you like, you can also catch fish at dusk and enjoy the setting sun. What a fairy place!

Winter Trip to the Heavenly Lake - are you found of skiing?The Heavenly Lake usually turns into a snowy vast land in winter and skiing becomes a great seasonal sport for visitors. When the temperature falls below 0 degree, the lake become frozen and the mountains around are covered with white snow.

Travel tips: 1. summer and winter are the two best seasons to visit the Heavenly Lake. 2. Thick clothes should be prepared before going to the spot in winter. 3. Cold drugs are necessary because the temperature is low here.

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