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Hakka houses in Fujian

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Incredible earthen fortresses that house entire villages, tǔlóu can be found across southwestern Fujian and southern Jiangxi. Also known as "Hakka houses," these large square or circular buildings house entire communities of the traditionally nomadic Hakka minority.

56 Fujian tulou were inscribed as a collective UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, which has led to a flurry of touristification in the area. This has up and down sides—they are now easier than ever to reach with improved roads and transportation links, however it also means more visitors and a shift in the local economy to tourism meaning more hawkers and tourist tat. Several tulou, like Fuyu House offer the opportunity to spend the night in a simple, home-style accommodation, an experience which is highly recommended.

The Huaiyuanlou and Heguilou near the Shuyang Town are also the precise Tulou with the beautiful and unique architecture skill, and Huaniyuanlou is the most completed and well-protected double round shape tulou in the world; the Heguilou of 2km away is even more amazing, the whole building was located on the wetland and still keep straight and tall even after 200 years. There is a town named Changjiao between this two tulou, after the tulou belt succeed to inscribed as a collective UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, Changjiao Town was changed as Yunshuiyao ancient town. This spot is totally nature, the entire distance is about 2-3 km that you can walk slowly, wandering along the fields with another feeling of autumn wind blowing the silent plants.

If you come here as a tourist, what you can get is the magnificent and the craftiness of the architecture, but you don’t know how hard and tough when the ancestors moved from the Central Plain a hundred years ago, therefore, this building was named as Huaiyuan, which is to memorized relatives far away/ however, several decades have passed, the migration have been used to here and they will not come back anymore, it is a short period of a family tree, but it will be the shadow of the entire human beings.

There are stalls in tulou, and once you step into the house, the host will invite you to have a cup of tea, you can’t help buying some tea after tasting it for the faint scent tasty flavor, it is also good to have some like this as souvenir. 

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